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  • I was a first time shopper on I purchased a le boy handbag. It arrived super fast and the quality is superb. I'm extremely satisfied and will order again.

    candice mcdowell

  • Amazing bag. I recieved the Chanel 2.55. Very high quality no one even knew it was a knock off. Great costumer service shipped quickly. Have zero issues with the bag. Have already recommend it to my friends. Very well done


  • I bought an chanel bag. The bag is beautiful. I've had it for 6 months. It has a beautiful patena. It's real leather and I can't tell difference between my bag and the real thing. The bag smells of real leather and it feels like a real LV. No issues with payment. Used Am Ex. I'm very happy.

    Saman Abeyratne

  • Honestly just got my bag. It's beautiful. Extremely happy. Customer service was great. Payment is a little shady but what can you do. The hardware on my strap was chipped a little so they are sending me a new one. Very happy with my purchase. I have purchased before but this bag is better.

    Jo-anne Fuller